Why do some people get so offended when you identify your ethnicity as "American"?

Any educated person can tell you that ethnicity for the most part is a choice.  It's whatever group you identify with.  And non-ethnic Americans have similar language, customs and traditions that will immediately cause them to be identified as Americans when they are in other countries.  I, along with over more than 30 million Americans, listed "American" as their ethnicity on the US Census. The Census bureau expects this number to be even on the 2020 Census.  

People don't seem to understand that every ethnicity is made from other ethnicities and that people have been moving on Earth for thousands of years.  The Egyptians today are not same people who built the pyramids, though I'm sure some of their ancestors were.  Mexico was colonized by Spain and Mexicans have Spanish, French and even German ancestry.  Kamala Harris is "Jamaican", but the original Jamaicans were Native Americans.

Personally, I really don't give a shyt what people think, I consider my ethnicity to be American, it's considered official on the US Census, if you don't like it, go phuc yourself.  But why do those people who don't consider being "American" an ethnicity take it so personally and want to shove their views down your throat.  

When I told my friend that there was no such thing as Polish people, the Poles are just a mixture of Lithuanians, Russians, Finns and some Asian he was really offended.  Even though DNA documents show people from Eastern Poland to have as little as 3-5% Polish ancestry.  


Sorry to be rude but I have already gotten two stupid answers.  Please read my question.  I did NOT ask whether being American is an ethnicity or not.  I asked why people have such strong opinions in either direction.  Can someone with a brain please answer my question.

Update 2:

Again, getting answers to a question I did not ask.  Please only answer my question.  I don't care whether you think being "American" is an ethnicity or not.  I want to know why or why you are taking it personally and have such a strong opinion.  It seems I can't get an intelligent answer on here.

Update 3:

This question exactly proved my point.  4 out 5 answers seemed offended and responded in a subjective.  What could the psychology behind this all mean?  Do people who deny that being American is an ethnic group feel inferior to those who claim to be ethnically American?  Why does this question hit such a raw and emotional nerve?  It's something I will do further research on.  

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    5 months ago
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    Four proofs/evidences there is an American ethnicity.....

    1. It is an option on the US Census

    2. An American would be easily recognized as such when in another country

    3. A DNA test can easily match a person to a region in the US due to their mixture

    4. The dictionary defintion "the fact or state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition."

    There are several reasons people have such strong opinions about whether being an American is an ethnicity or not and they're almost always political or based on jealousy.  There is no specific or official definition of ethnic group.  It's an opinion.  Why are the Irish an ethnic group if they speak English?  If someone says that being an American is not an ethnicity then ask them their justification. 

    Ask them if being Mexican is an ethnicity.  If they say 'yes' then remind them that Mexico was colonized by Spain just like the US was colonized by England.  And just like American ancestors came from somewhere else, Mexican's ancestors did too.  Selma Hayak is part Lebanese but she's Mexican. Of course, Mexicans have Aztec ancestry but most Americans who have been here for generations, have Native American ancestry too.

    The definition of "ethnicity" is "the fact or state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition."  Being "American" fits that definition.  If some people don't like that, it's too bad.  As you stated, it is a choice on the Census so it must be an ethnicity.  If a white American with no other ethnic connection who speaks English travels to France or China he will immediately be identified as an American even without showing his/her passport.  

    The reason it's political and sort of based on jealousy is that the people who have a ethnic identification such as Italian, German or Irish will feel less American if you are telling them that you are American and nothing else.  It also makes recent immigrants such as Asians and Muslims feel left out, although they will be the first to acknowledge the existence of an American ethnic background.

    I remember reading about a political activist who said she was the Puerto Rican Irish activist.  Yet she was born in NYC.  Her parents were Puerto Rican and one of her grandparents was from Ireland.  Obviously, she was very proud of all of those connections.  But yet, she did not say she was American even though she was born here.  What does that tell you?  Her connection to those countries overshadows her US affiliation.

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    1 month ago

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  • Chris
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    5 months ago

    It's you,

    Your assigning things incorrectly and it seems like you're trying to trick people. But even you're just dumb, it very much qualifies you as a bigot.

    The continent group called America consists of many people who speak English, Spanish, French and Portuguese as a first language. Three of the those languages are based on Roman Latin. Both Spanish and French are still spoken in the US and other parts of North America.

    The US national motto is written in "Lingua Latina", and that has nothing to do with Mesoamericans (Mexicans) or Spaniards ... and I'm going to repeat, french is not a German language either.

    There is *no* hard historic line between the Latins (Roman Catholic) and Anglos (Anglicans). Yet I'm constantly running into people who say American means Anglo and Latin means South American. But are you really telling me there's no split between Anglos and Latins in the US and they're the same people?

  • 5 months ago

    THAT MAKES NO SENSE...EVEN AMERICANS HAVE COME FROM OTHER NATIONS IN THE BEGINNING..MY ancestors came on the Mayflower and I have German in me also..

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Because people get offended about stupid stuff all the time.

    That being said, "American" is not an ethnicity.   It's a nationality.

    It's like asking someone what their favorite vegetable is and they answer bicycle.  It's worthy of minor annoyance and is evidence that they do not understand basic definitions or concepts, but it's certainly not a reason to be offended IMO.

    ETA:   If you want to know why you've offended a particular individual, just ask them.   I'm guessing it probably has more to do with your pig-headed attitude combined with your ignorance as opposed to you "identifying as" American.

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