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Why does my girlfriend find sex gross?

She finds penises gross and doesn't like to see me naked. She says it's not that I'm unattractive, she just doesn't like it in general. We tried to have sex but she doesn't like my penis touching her so I was kind of confused but went along with it. We've been together for almost 2 years and I have no problem if she's not ready but she keeps saying she is and then acting grossed out when it happens. What should I do?

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    I don't know why. That's something only she can answer. Maybe she was raised by very conservative parents who didn't knowexpress admiration or affection for each other except rarely, in the confines of their private bedroom briefly and discreetly at night after everyone else was asleep.

    Maybe your approach needs some tweaking. 

    Do you just pounce on her when you think it's time or try to ease her into it by using romance? 

    Slow music, dim lighting, gift giving(flowers, candy, greeting cards, e.t.c), expressions of admiration other than intercourse(love letters, expressing interest in her life, day trips to the beach, e.t.c.)

    No offense because maybe she just doesn't like the way 'it' looks. 

    Not just yours, though. None of them.  

    Like Elaine said in Seinfeld, full frontal nudity is generally not a good look for a man. 

    But, heterosexual women feel comfortable complementing on another woman's look, even if nude. 

    It's the reason why more women subscribe to playgirl than playboy, e.t.c.

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    Guys have to get most girls excited before they will have sex with a guy, apparently you aren't doing this. She has spots on her body that will turn her on pretty quickly. First off a guy needs to learn how to be a good kisser and her mouth, neck, shoulders are really hot spots. While kissing her in one of these places a guy should rub her body, she may not like a guy rubbing her breasts lightly but then again she might. Rubbing her clitoris may be the best thing you can do, but you have to do it lightly before to start to rub it a little harder. You can do it with 2 fingers and then switch to doing it with only 1, rub it up and down letting you knuckle rub against the clitty. You need to put quite a bit of saliva on your middle finger and slide it into her vagina all the while continuing to kiss and caress her. Rub that finger against the front interior of her vagina. Even if you're using a lubricated condom it would be better to put a lot of your saliva on the condom and ease gently into her vagina. Don't try to slam it to her, that may make it very uncomfortable to her, go slow until she gets into it.


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    Just get rid of her. She's not acting normally. Find a regular girl.

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    I think the two of you need a sex therapist. There may be a good reason your GF doesn't like sex. Maybe she was abused. Maybe she was raped. Sex therapy can help uncover the reasons for her aversion. And it's NOT the normal way to have a relationship. 

    However, there are people who decide they don't like or need sex. These people are called ASEXUAL. It isn't common, but it exists. It does not make for a good two-person relationship, though when the other person is NOT asexual. Definitely find a sex therapist and see what you can discover. 

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    She needs a real man to make her *** over and over. Then she won’t be grossed out and lame. 

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    She needs counseling to see why she feels that way.  

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    Mmm, so many answers already : ) None that you liked? I reckon she just didn’t like penis. Try to get her to wash it for you, get her to touch it when it was not erected. See if that works!

    A friend of mine had gone through what you had. To cut the Long story short, his wife to be was willing to do all except penetration. When they were about to get married, she revealed that she was a man and she had not done the surgery yet.  

    Check with her if she’s a man. Get her to prove to you and put in your penis into her vagina to verify if it’s the real thing. 

    All the best to you! 

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    Get rid of the prude

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    i know this straight women and she did not have sex with the husband. She thinks theres something wrong with women who like sex

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    I think your gf is aromatic. Meaning she is sexually attracted to you but she just won't have sex with you that's all. I was going to say that she is asexual but she isn't because she wouldn't be sexually attracted to you and couldn't have sex with you if that's the case.

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    You're probably krap at it. Let me have a go on her. I'll bang her good and proper!

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