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Ive been running for so long two years now why am I still running 10k in an hour?

I’ve been running for so long so consistently at least 4x per week on difficult outdoor circuits and full hour runs on the treadmill. Nothing’s changing. I do intensity runs and circuits but it hasn’t done **** all and All I can feel is that I have more energy. But by the 30th minute I begin to tire. How am I supposed to achieve a 21k 1:30 or less if I can’t even do this

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    So talk to a trainer or get involved with a local running group, where you may be able to find people who can advise you. You can also find articles online on how to improve your speed. Clearly what you've been doing so far hasn't helped so either you aren't doing the right things, or you're doing the right things but doing them incorrectly. 


    Don't give up, but reach out to someone to whom you can share how you've been training, so they can suggest different things for you to do or ways to improve/change what you're already doing. 

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