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Toronto vs Vancouver. Which place is better to live?

I am about to graduate university and actually have offers from Toronto (i haven't applied to anything in vancouver). I was born and grew up in Ottawa and have been to Toronto but not to Vancouver. Which is a better place to live in ? Besides comp sci I am also passionate about music so i place with a booming indie music scene will be cool !


I am not racist so I don't really care about the ethnicity of the people around me !

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    I don’t live in Vancouver but I vacationed there - I think Toronto is better if you like music - Vancouver is like one gigantic Chinese super market and over crowded making it bad for those trying to escape CoVid - it’s also got fewer highlights than Toronto unless you like ferry boats which probably do not operate right now - Toronto

     also has amazing near by cities so you don’t have to restrict yourself purely to one area 

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    If I had to live in a city, Vancouver would be WAY ahead of Toronto as my choice.  It is more expensive, but, the reason why is that is is a fabulous city.  Far more beautiful, with the mountains, and the sea.  It is very diverse, like Toronto, but, much more Asian - both Eastern (Chinese, etc.), and Southern (Indian, etc.) than Toronto is.  Less Italian.

    I have to say I hate cities; the place where I live has fewer than 100 people, and is surrounded by wilderness, but, Vancouver is one of my favourite cities, and Toronto definitely is not!

    Both are super expensive though; why not consider other great cities that are cheaper to live in?

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    "I am not racist"

    I'd hope not.

    I live in Vancouver.  Despite the people that talk about astonomically expensive place to live... we manage it, millions of people do.

    Both are big cites, both have big gay and ethnic communities, both have a good night life and suburbs if you want a low key lifestyle.

    vancouver indie music

    FAN EXPO Vancouver is a three day pop culture event in Vancouver, BC, running in the Fall. The event is brought to you by the same team that produces the long-running FAN EXPO Canada event in Toronto.

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  • Both cities have decent local music scenes although due to COVID neither city is open for live concerts.  

    Cost of living is astronomical in both cities, however rents and housing prices are slightly higher in Vancouver.  Climate is more temperate in Vancouver.

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    Vancouver is nice, but it's very expensive. If you have a good job offer in Toronto, go there.

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    I grew up in Toronto and chose Vancouver in my early 20s. I'd do the same again. I have never regretted my choice, except that it takes longer and costs more to visit family in Ontario. The west coast climate suits me much better than Ontario's. Why don't you take a job in Toronto to start with, get your feet under you professionally and financially, and visit Vancouver sometime? You might not want to go as far as taking a job in a place you've never even visited.

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    both have merit. Vancouver seldom gets snow, lots of winter rain but the ocean is nice to have and camping is a lot better in BC. Toronto is more central and you'll be closer to your friends. both have active arts/music scene. You might find vancouver more expensive than Toronto

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    depends if you want to live in china or the us..........

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