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Is it okay for a baby to watch and listen to a video that plays instrumental music only and has changing colors? Such as classical music? ?

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    Why shouldn't it be?

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    You should be doing parent led play based learning.  use real tangible objects not a video game.  The child has to experience large motor skills.  The parent must deliver short 10 minute lessons.

    Watching videos harms your child.  The is no interactions, no language use, no motor skills being used and the position that child is in can deform their spine.  There has been some cases of the eyes being damages as well.

    Hold up colors and repeat the color, sing a song (don't play a video), clap your hands and so on.  Practice basic motor skills.

    If you really are that lazy that you don't want to spend any time with your child send them to a daycare.

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    I think it's bad to leave a baby with any kind of electronic babysitter, whether it's a highbrow babysitter or not. Baby needs actual human contact including touching and talking. Arrange things so baby gets that.

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    Yes, that's okay as long as the colors don't flash so that they could cause a photosensitive epilepsy seizure.

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  • 2 months ago

    I am a career music educator.  This is PERFECT for babies - they get stimulation that also can be soothing.  You can get apps like Calm for free - no, you cannot access everything, unless you want to - but I do not think a baby needs to hear gentle spoken-word passages about "leaving work at work".  They get to see oceans, forests, etc. while hearing gentle music.  Hopefully, they fall asleep - allowing MOM and DAD a little time to relax, too - or Mom and Dad can also look at the same thin with Baby - and arise refreshed.  A lot of the music is just generic, composed for these apps; as a musician, I would be *distracted* by works I know well, and would switch into Critical Listening Mode.  My massage therapist know to have her studio SILENT for me!  I hear ENYA - I foam at the mouth!!!

    As your child gets older, there are great STORIES with classical music - like Mr, Beethoven Lives Upstairs; another one about Bach; and one that even my middles school kids liked, about Vivaldi.  I had very little visual hanging in my room - told them it was so they really LISTEN better - and would often tell them, or write on the board, what I hoped they would hear. And then would have time to answer those questions in writing LATER.  NO writing while the music/story played - and NO SLEEPING - or you can come back and do this after school!  We want students to learn to FOCUS and daily living is a sensory assault.  SO what you are starting with, is perfect.  And READ to your kids, showing them the pictures, asking them to find the bunny, where is the Princess, etc.

  • 2 months ago

    I don't see a problem with it.

  • 2 months ago

    Sure. Babies are more attentive to lights and short simple music. Why do you think mobiles flash lights and play shirt simple music. 

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