Is there a way for me to do freelancing work if I'm a teenager?

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  • John
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    1 month ago

    For a teen, I would recommend a part-time job at a local grocery store instead.  I'm a semi-retired accountant, and of all my clients who tried sites like Fiverr and Upwork, only 1 made decent money.  Many of the advertisers on those websites want a large amount of work for a very small amount of pay.  

  • Nicey8
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    3 months ago

    you can sign up on

  • 5 months ago

    Yes.  Sign up on the UPWORK site.  Someone will pay you $5 to balance their checkbook or something.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    As what? Do you have experience in your field? A diploma or at least training? Have you won awards? Do you have credentials? Do you have something to show for? Do you have a business sense? Are you a people person? Can you handle tough payment situations? And tough people? Do you have a thick skin? Are you patient? Can you handle pressure? Can you handle deadlines? Are you good with time management? Do you undestand the labor laws in your country/state? What about economy? Do you have a healthy amount of work ethic? Will you be willing to work during weekends for example? Are you willing and able to invest money in order to MAYBE earn SOME? And at the end of the day, what makes you think you can do it in the first place?

    Freelance is tough. It's tougher than being an emplyee for someone. People tend to think being a freelancer means you're free to do what you want. That you get to do what you love and be paid for it. But the reality is the vast majority can't manage a career as a freelancer or they will never succeed. They almost always hold another job where they are an employee, at the very least.

    All of those questions above are questions you'd better ask yourself. If you're not cut out for freelance work, your age is irrelevant. Some teens are very talented and business savvy. The guy who came up with etsy was only 16 at the time. But A)they're rare cases, B)that still doesn't mean they'll succeed. The etsy guy was one in millions. The competition out there is stiff and expecting to be the one potential clients will go to would be a bit unrealistic of you.

    Honestly, if you need to ask this get a normal job, with a regular paycheck, like suggested before me.

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  • ?
    Lv 6
    5 months ago

    Want my advice? Freelancing is unreliable, the pay is ****, clients not regular enough, people will stiff you on payment (it just goes with the territory). Focus on starting an actual business, or work for a company. Freelancers aren't taken seriously.

  • 5 months ago

    As a teen in middle school I mowed lawns around the neighborhood.  I also helped my grandmother with her truck farm.  And in return she gave me ears of fresh corn, tomatoes off the vine, and other veggies from the garden to sell to neighbors.

    Then I was a pin boy in a bowling alley and then a caddy at the local country club.  But my best jobs as a teen during HS summers was in the restaurant business where I washed dishes, waited on tables, short order cook, and soda jerk for two of the three summers.  Oops, almost forgot.  The third summer was also super as I got into the construction business working for a house construction company.  My favorite task with them was manning the air-hammer and breaking old cement foundation into smithereens.  I also carried hods filled with bricks to the brick layers to replenish their supply.  I earned union wages during that job, which was big time money for a HS kid.Damn, forgot another job I had.  I played the clarinet and saxophone in two dance bands and one Dixie-land band.  Also earned union wages for the one dance band...also big money...for a kid.

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