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Looking to buy a used car?

Im 17 years old and getting my license soon. Im looking to buy a used car for $2,000-$5,000. At most how many miles should be on the car? Thanks in advance!

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  • Coupe? Sedan? Hatchback? Convertible? Pickup?

    Auto? Stick shift?

    Year? Make? Model?

    130k-160k mileage.

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    How about 1st learning to read the sections you are posting a question in before posting a question in the wrong one!

    This is Car Audio not I want to buy a cheap car question section

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    Too bad, you're out of luck, I just sold a used 2005 Honda Accord Coupe for $2,000 last month.

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    Best to look at the cost of insurance also.  Young inexperienced drivers pay a fortune.

    Do not worry about the mileage on the car.  It is much more important that it was well taken care of.  Your grandparent's car would be the best bet.   Older people tend to be gentler on machines, and more rigid on regular maintenance.  

    Far better to buy an older high mileage vehicle that has been well maintained rather than a newer one that has not had the oil changed in 3 years.

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    I personally would not buy any used car with more than 50,000 miles on it.

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    Research the reliability rating of any vehicle you are interested in. Have it inspected by a mechanic of your choice before you buy. The small amount you pay him may save you hundreds of dollars down the road. Remember, any car you buy will be an "AS IS" sale. There is no warranty and you cannot under any circumstance return the vehicle to the seller for a refund. You are not going to get a low mileage vehicle for the cash you have. But, if you purchase a reliable car that was taken care of by the owner you can get a good car. Try to get one with under 150,000 miles on it. Many cars today can easily go 200,000 miles with no major problems if they were serviced regularly. On the flip side a car that was neglected all it's life can be worn out at 100,000 miles. It is more about regular maintenance than it is about mileage. 

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    Your best bet is to let all you friends, neighbors and family that you are in the market for a good used car. Usually there is someone wanting to trade-in/up in the near future and would offer (and should offer) a very good price. Helps to know the owner to some degree as you can find out what kind of maintenance was performed. 

    DON'T worry about style - just get some cheap transportation under you. You will likely make mistakes - let the beater car be your learning car that gets beat. 

    DON'T put all your money into a used car - anything can happen and if you don't have the funds to make repairs you will have to sell it for junk or plant flowers in it.....also there is insurance, tires, oil changes, belt replacements that may need to be done sooner than later and that can add-up.

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