Check if there are Grammar and Sentence mistakes?

 It was the best broth I had ever eaten in my life. I just devoured eating it in five minutes and said to my dad "Oh, I can't believe it is so good!" After lunch, we went to Sauna and had a good talk each other. 

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  • John P
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    2 months ago
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    Devouring means eatuing in a rapid and greedy way, thus you cannot use the wotrds '

    devour' and 'eat' next to each other.

    ...I had just devoured it in five.....    ...went to the sauna and had a good talk together.

    It is wrong to use a capital with 'sauna'.

    Note that 'broth' has an old-fashioned feel to it.  I would use 'soup' there. And since soup and broth are both liquid it is possibly wrong to use 'eaten'. I might take the easy way out and say: "It was the best soup I had ever had in my life." If the meal was more solid than soup, it might have been a 'stew'.

    Note that I am middle-class British.   Await answers from Americans etc.

    May I just say that I think that you are being taught English by a non-native speaker of English. What you learn might not be what you encounter in a place such as the UK.

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