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A man who is not like the rest of us?

There is someone who is able to do and survive things that an ordinary human should not. Is there an "oracle" or "diviner" or something in today's world who can figure this out???? This individual is in his early twenties and shares a similar background to what most people would believe to be utter bullsh*t. or pure fairy tale fiction.

He is very tall. Probably around 7'. He's got an abnormally patchy beard, hazel eyes, and believes he has been reincarnated. He has vivid dreams of being devoured alive on his back by "ugly women, or dreams that he's falling out of the sky hurling towards the earth. Or he will dream that he's running from a large wolf. He is kind of scrawny looking. He's got a short fuse when someone does wrong to him or anyone else around him, but is clearly not crazy and in fact, he's very intelligent. He was a straight A student in school as well until his nerves collapsed, but he was this way before any of that happened. There was an occasion in his early childhood when he had technically drowned and was under the water for at least a half hour, but did not die. He busted his head open somehow, did not seek medical attention, and yet he survived. He says he does not see as other people see. As if a divine entity is observing through his eyes. He was also deprived of his heritage by being taken from his family at an early age. He has an abnormally strong tolerance to alcohol and an inability to be physically knocked out.


He believes he is one of what in ancient times were referred to as "star children". This all sounds crazy to me, but I know it's not bs.

Update 2:

He has a deep dimple on his right cheek.

Update 3:

He's bisexual. Has abnormally bad luck. He wants to know what his purpose is and why he is here. He stands up to corrupt authority and has made a habit of getting police fired from their jobs. He isn't afraid of anything. He is often made a victim. He thinks he is being punished the way God punished Job in the bible due to so many bad things that he has to go through.

Update 4:

He helps people even after they have wronged him in some way. He has suffered some kind of physical trauma and has a large cyst on his brain.

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    cool story bro...........add some dragons next time to make it interesting. 

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    That's called "paranoid schizophrenia". There is medication for it.

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