At last Jack Grealish in England Squad. Will he start against Iceland or Denmark or Neither?

Will he be a One Cap Mug like Joey Barton.

Or stay at Villa and like Le Tiss be overlooked with a handful of caps.

I hope he starts both games plays well and gets his move to a big club

Who doesn't like a Maverick Englishman. (Gazza) ha ha 


Your right Oggi he will probably only get a cameo off the bench has Southgate has almost been forced to pick him. He is Viila's best player(easily) and that goal he scored on the last day was 'Roy of the Rovers' stuff. (saving them from the drop)

He must be one of the most Skilful uncapped Englishmen out there and he has played in some poor Villa sides.

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    not that I particuarly rate Grealish highly,  but what's the point of eventually putting in him in the squad, if you are not going to watch how he plays,  and tbh 5-10 mins at the end of the game, wouldn't be fair to him...he needs some proper game time to be fairly evaluated, but i still don't rate him..even if he shows promise, because where has that hypothetical at this point potentional performance level been for Villa all season?..isn't he meant to be their game changer and best player? so where were those games?

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