Does prosperity change people?

I used to get a little jealous or upset when other girls achieved things I wanted to achieve but failed to do so myself

Like my dream job was to work for the university and my very good looking friend who was far less educated than me was hired while I was not

Or when I wanted to write books and a lady managed to get published and I didn’t, got leadership positions I wanted but I failed to get, got involved with charities I wanted to work with while I was jobless, won prizes and social status while I was empty handed because the professors who saw my incredible effort did not care about me enough to take initiative for me, or when they had the food and the education and the background I wanted, or when they played in bands I was not invited into while I trained in music and did not get the role, or when they sold art and I trained in art and failed to make a sale

But now that I know my purpose - I no longer care or feel bad when others succeed because I know I’m better off than them 

I’m also okay with not dating the guy I like cause I know I don’t need them anymore 

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  • Carmen
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    2 months ago
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    Good job not comparing yourself with others we are all designed differently for a reason. And good job recognizing your worth without a male especially if he didn’t recognize it. Follow your dreams don’t give up and never let being well off financially or otherwise change you for the worse instead of the better. Your achievements will be acknowledged in due time. Pray for strength to endure come what may and courage to keep going. Keep a calm calm and your peace of mind. 

  • 2 months ago

    Yes somebody change to Generous and somebody to cruel.

  • Tasm
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    If you work super hard to get something and someone else just strolls into it, like no big deal, didn't even really want it kind of a thing. Seems unfair.

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