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upgrading my computer memory?

I was thinking about upgrading the memory on my Dell windows 7 64 bit home premium desktop computer, I currently have 4 Gb in it and I was thinking about removing those (2 x 2Gb) chips and putting in 2 x 4 Gb making 8 Gb RAM (I have no empty slots on my motherboard) I am going to use the site to make sure the chips are compatible with my motherboard, is there anything else I should be checking and will I have to make changes in the computers BIOS or will the 8 GB be automatically recognised by windows

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    2 months ago
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    Memory is recognized automatically by the BIOS and windows when installed correctly.  Crucial rips you off when you buy memory for older systems.  Use their tool to lookup what you need and buy it on eBay for much less.   Regardless if you really want a speed increase you should spend your money on a new SSD hard drive.  More system memory on an old system like yours won't make that much of a difference.   

  • L.N.
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    If the Crucial website says they will work they should be plug and play. The first boot you may be asked to verify the new RAM configuration.

    Be sure to unplug the power cord before swapping in the new modules. The power supply holds some voltage on the PC even when it is powered off.

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