Sleep 8 hours feeling like I haven't slept?

I sleep on average 8 hours but typically wake up feeling exhausted like I haven't really slept. 

I am a 32 year old male and my diet isn't the greatest (a lot of fast food/frozen food).

I typically don't drink coffee/soda in the evenings only water.

I live in a basement apartment so my apartment is pretty cold so I have a blanket and a quilt on my bed.

My upstairs neighbors dogs can be occasionally noisy (sometimes scratch the floor playing with a toy or uncommonly bark at night) so I have a fan running for white noise as well as an air purifier because i'm allergic to animal hair and the house has central air (with the vents closed).

My neighbor leaves the hall light on so there is a little light spillage in the apartment (I have the windows blacked out so that's the only source of light).

I typically use my phone before bed (for work and netflix) but have the blue light filter turned on.

I know all of these things can have an impact on sleep quality, but there not necessarily new elements in my sleep life. I'm interesting to hear anyone else thoughts on why I can sleep for 8 hours but feel like I haven't slept at all?

Any feedback is appreciated :)


I'm also a smoker and get very little exercise.

Update 2:

I've been told that I snore, never considered sleep apnea! Did a little research and it sounds very possible

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  • 2 months ago
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    Do you know if you snore?

    I would suspect sleep apnea.

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