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Paranoid about having HIV/AIDS after having anal?

I’ve just had my first homosexual experience and I didn’t really enjoy it. But the worst part is, I’ve been extremely paranoid about having gotten HIV/some other form of STD. Before I did the sexual act I asked multiple times if he was clean and he said we was every time. He said he last got tested 4 months ago and I’m the only person he’s done anything with since then. But for some reason, I’m still just so paranoid. I feel like I’m just being paranoid over nothing but I’m still just afraid. I don’t know what to do


Idk if it’s important to note but I didn’t touch his genitals at all. The only part of my body that came into contact with his genitals is my anus, and he gave me a bj. But that’s it

Update 2:

Also I did use condoms for most of the session until the last round. Do you think that might have lessened the risk?

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    Get a test if worried, condoms will have reduced risk, from what you described you are at low risk and your partner would be at more risk than you in other circumstances.

    But if worried get a test. This will put at ease you and any future partner.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You use condoms is what you do. You never, ever believe what someone tells you about "being clean."

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    How did you get a guy to f*ck you??? Everyone's straight here :(

  • Kerri
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    2 months ago

    #1  Always use a condom.  "I'm clean" is a meaningless statement. #2  You should be concerned because receiving unprotected anal sex is the #1 way to transmit HIV.  #3  Get yourself checked several times over the next 90 days.  HIV is survivable especially if it is detected early.  #4  Don't have sex with anyone until you have the "all clear" from your doctor.

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