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I’m worried I haven’t hit puberty and i’m 15?

I have pubic hair pretty long around the base of my penis, my balls are still pretty small maybe the size of a grape, no change in voice, a little but of armpit hair, my penis is 2.5 inches soft and 4.75 hard and only 3 inch girth, I’m only 5”8  and whenever i masturbate sticky clear stuff shoots out but it’s not semen.

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    I didn't hit puberty until I was 18. It was finally after more than half of my nineteenth year had crossed that I realised I've finally hit it.

    I've never had pimples or blackheads. I don't know what are menstrual cramps. My cycle was irregular, despite being healthy. Up until, 19, my body proportions were still the same that I had the when I was twelve – short and stout.

    It's only recently that I started to grow. It happened involuntarily. But I am still a callow.

    There is nothing to worry as such, believe me. The society makes a ruckus out of it and treats it in the sense as if it's one of the most important thing that defines you. And you should be ashamed of not achieving the rule set by society. Seriously? Why should anyone be ashamed of something that's natural and the individual has no voluntary control over it? It's not as much as of a big deal as much the society wants us to believe it is.

    You could be a late bloomer, or it could just be genetics. My mother was the same when she was my age.

    On multiple occasions, I’ve been said my future self will thank me because I'd be looking younger than other people of my age when I will be in my thirties or forties, or whatever.

    If it's nothing serious, I advice you to sit back and relax.

    Hitting puberty has brought no other change in my life except for being complimented from friends that I'm “growing up” all too well, given how other people do. And that my body proportions are really great.

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    See your doctor.

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    --  Having pubic hair and underarm hair means that you have already started puberty.

    --  It seems rather late for you to ejaculate without sperm.  That usually starts between 12-15 months after starting to ejaculate semen.

    --  At 15 your penis is around normal size.

    --  The voice should have dropped between 12-14, so being 15 and it not dropped, is unusual.

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    show mum she will advise you

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    just talk to your doctor about it

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