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Dog people, what’s are your winter hiking essentials?

I’m moving to an apartment for a year, and we will have to rely on the hiking trail next door as exercise and pottying 

I’m on board, they’ll enjoy it. However, it’s September and we will be moved in roughly November 1st.

I’m canadian.

For the dogs I’ll have coats. I need to buy 1 more coat, and 1 more set of winter boots.

What else would you recommend?

Also, anything for the person walking the dogs? 

Thanks in advance


I don’t know how close it is to Petawawa.

I’m thinking obviously snow pants but any brand recommendations for snow pants and gloves? Gloves that can hold heat, stay waterproof but also allow me to use my hands properly?

Update 2:

I feel Canada was enough, but if need be I’m in Ontario but moving out to the country side. I’m not going on daily expeditions, I’m taking my dogs on a walk. I just need to know what to use so I don’t get sick or too cold, and can appropriately walk them long enough to not be bored.

I also have some health issues so I’m always cold.

Update 3:

Response to the coats

I’m glad it worked for you. I don’t want wet dogs, and 1 of my dogs acts cold in the snow despite his long coat.

I do feel that dogs aren’t handled well enough in the winter by most owners

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    There are 8 to 18 hour (inexpensive) disposable heat packs (we use HotHands sold at Walmart & on Amazon) you can slip in your gloves or boots, if you do not want to invest in those items or in socks - that are battery-powered, to warm.

    At some point, you may wish to have the dogs wear a saddlebags or a doggie back-pack (to carry supplies - like hot water & tea/coffee/chocolate mix &/or poop bags).  Not to mention a weighted backpack burns MORE energy and can be great in fall or in warmer weather to carry cool water for dog drinking.  I strongly suggest the Ruffwear brand, for dogs.  Their products are very adjustable & well made.  IMO it is not safe to let dogs drink from streams.

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    We lived in Canada, S.Ontario, for 13 years and at no point did my hounds have coats.   When the weather was really blowing a blizzard, we simply hunkered down until things improved.  They grew heavier natural coats.   Cheaper and more effective.  And if you coat any dog, that could mean they don't grow as thick a natural coat as they should.   One of ours went up to Moose Factory and interestingly, never had a coat, but because of the snow on the ground, he tended to grow a much thicker coat underneath!!   Very interesting.

    However,  I was known to be out digging walkways after a major storm (necessary for the boys - low slung) much to my neighbour's amusement and sometimes I had to dig the snow back from the fences if we that much, or drifts, or once there was a hard crust on top, they could walk out.   The only time the hounds had problems was when walking on sidewalks that had been treated with salt.   That stung.

    For me - my best investment other than the usual thick coat, gloves and boots (I had mukluks but also just heavy boots , were my ski-pants.   Before I'd had enough, I found the space between the bottom of my coat and my boots (my thigh) became numb.

    We lived to the West of Toronto, in the Caledon Hills.   With any luck, you won't get Winter until the end of October - if we had much before my birthday at the end of October, we knew we were probably in for a hard Winter.

    Enjoy because I loved a Canadian Winter (within reason - ice was bad) far more than a hot sticky Summer.   Ditto for the hounds.

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    Bring a gun for bears and moose

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    How near is it to Petawawa ? There mukluks are a great idea ya see..... goretex ones preferably.

     Talk to any Canadian solder that has ever served at Petawawa::: (And the great majority have)

    They will advise you extremely well. on all your winter needs .... if its  even near there   Invest in a few good quality chipping hammers:

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    Source(s): You state nothing of your location or local climate
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    I would only bring coat and a Frisbee. Once i tried socks but that Sucks

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