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Do you think the media is wrong about your home country ?

I was born in China and came to North America when I was 4 years old

And since my parents grew up in China we used to go back once every 3-4 years to visit family and relive our childhoods

I don’t think of China as a dangerous country

I think China has far less crime than China

And life is easier than Canada

Cause I can get a 3 hour massage for only $6 Canadian dollars and I don’t have to book a week ahead of time

I can have my favourite meal at a restaurant for only $0.50 CAD

I can have the best wine I’ve ever tasted in my entire life for only $1.00

And you don’t need a health card to see the doctor who never charges more than $3.00 for an appointment unless your getting surgery or medicine and you get instant care within 5 minutes of arriving at the hospital and there is a hospital walking distance from almost ever building 

Your also respected and treated like a Queen because your English speaking and they think your high class 

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  • 8 months ago
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    About my home country (Brazil)? Yes, I do. The media keeps lying about president Bolsonaro and about the Amazon rainforest. The president is the best in centuries, always concerned about the people. 

    The Brazilian Amazon on the other hand has always had its natural fire spots on certain seasons of the year, so there's nothing new there as the enemedia (enemy + media) tries to make people think. 

    About COVID-19, media talks about >100.000 deaths due to the virus, but what we have actually witnessed is that even normal deaths were declared as being due to coronavirus. We have this man who had his car crashed and died in the accident and they have attributed the virus as the cause. Also, the deaths due to pneumonia and breathing problems have both surprisingly and significantly decreased in 2020 in relation to 2019. Coincidence? So I'm saying that there's reason to believe the numbers are not representative of the actual amount of the deceased. Honestly I'm almost 100% sure that the media is deliberately trying to sell fake news about my country worldwide about all of those subjects and I reeeeally wish they were to pay for their actions somehow.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    I think the international media coverage of  the cluster fudge Trump has made of our country is spot on.

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