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Is it illegal to dump things in the sewer environmentally?

I seen one of those big homes on wheels run a big plastic looking hose from that thing to the sewer. Is that safe? Because I'm assuming they are dumping things down it and I never seen anything like that. Its an eyesore to be sure. Should I call somebody about that? The people parked it along the lawn in a person front yard and its been sitting for 2 months with the long hose a recent addition for a week and a half. Ghetto side of the street. What could they use that for? The sewer under the curb. Like along the street. 

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    Don't worry about it.  Haven't you heard?  There's more where that came from.

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    So is the hose running into the stormwater runoff sewer or is it running into the sanitary sewer.  If the hose is carrying human waste it should be directed to the enclosed sanitary sewer.  If it is running into the storm sewer than it is a violation of the Federal Clean Water Act, the State that you live in Clean water act, and probably city ordnances.  Call the City Public Words and ask them to check it out

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    It is illegal to dump waste anywhere other than designated areas. Putting it where other people will have to move it is thoughtless. Dispose of it properly.

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    In most areas, that is illegal. What they are doing is dumping their sewage into the storm drain, and most of the time, those storm drains go to a wetland or stream. 

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    The line along the curb is for storm-water. Sanitary sewer lines run along the middle of the street. The urine and feces dumped will go straight to the nearest stream. The only exception might be the really old systems, where there are combined sewers, where everything goes to the wastewater treatment plant for sometimes-adequate treatment before discharge.

    Contact the DEP or equivalent agency for your state, as well as the Fish Commission.

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    2 months ago

    Is it going to a sewer or a storm drain. if it's a  Storm drain it's not ok, contact police or code enforcement

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