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Who founded the United Nations ?

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    --  It was founded by FDR in America along with Joseph Stalin of the USSR, plys Winston Churchill of Great Britain, plus General De Gaulle of France and Chiang Kai-Shek of Mainland China during their conferences during WW-2. It is/was an extension of the former "League of Nations" that existed earlier, but was ruined by the US.  Other nations were also included in its foundation, but not made permanent members of the Security Council.

    --  Dr H.V. Everat of Australia was also a founder and one of the writers of the UN Declaration on Human Rights along with other important UN documents and actions. He also was the 2nd UN President for one year (1948-49) year and Australia has held a temporary seat on the UN Security Council at least twice.

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    if you type this on the search bar it might tell you

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