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Ethical dilemma in childcare?

What are example of some ethical dilemma you have faced at work , what was your decision ?..

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  • 2 months ago

    Company asking me to stay later in evenings during busy periods interfered with my childcare schedule. I explained that I would need to hire additional help to pick up the kid from daycare and look after her for the evening/dinner meals until I could get home. Prepared a list of additional costs for me to hire the extra help and told my boss that they would need to pay all the extra costs incurred in addition to overtime wages if they wanted me to work the extra time. I was afraid that they would take it as disrespectful on my part & worried I would lose my job or be replaced over some trivial matter for someone who could agree to all the overtime with no further conditions. after the meeting, they agreed to my terms and gave me a raise! 

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