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Never played fantasy, hows my team look?

Just curious, thanks! Got lutz kicker and Chicago d

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    From what I can see, it's pretty good...except for your receivers (there should be some good options available). Sutton's injured and I doubt he'll have the same production from last year with the additions of Jeudy and Gordon. Landry is 2nd on the team and dealing with hip pain from his surgery. Houston's bye is in week 8; you could probably use that spot for better position players that holding onto Stafford.

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    Good Luck you might try to make a move with your WR Sutton,see who is still available.

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    It looks really good, but you left off too much info.  #1, we need to know league size.  If this is 8 teams, your roster is probably below average.   Also, we need to see the bench.  The vast majority of players are not elite enough to plug in weekly regardless of matchup.  Example:  Not sure I'd play Landry this week.  In addition,  it's likely that Sutton won't play.  Obviously we'd need to see the bench to know what kind of WR depth you have.

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    The starters look competitive if Gordon is healthy. Overall, it's hard to tell without seeing the bench other than Stafford.

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  • 1 month ago

    Definitely a solid team but your ovall grade would be based on number of teams and type of league

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    Stafford in the end zone is a real winner. Nobody shoots hoops like him. Except maybe Ronaldo. But that ref was a joke

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