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I fasted and got a glucose level of 108. What can I do to ?

lower this number? I heard that if you take 1 cinnamon capsule a day then it will lower the glucose a little bit.

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    Normal for people without diabetes 77 to 199  mg/dl.

    a reading of 140 to 199 mg/dl indicates pre diabetes 

    a reading of 200 after  2 hours after meals indicates diabetes .

    you  can go on line and get information to your heart contents.  just ask the question you have.

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    Ask yourself what you've been eating before and after your fast?  If you're eating grain based foods, cakes, pies, cookies and other baked goods or processed foods, fruit juices, cow's milk,  sugars of any type including honey, sweeteners which tend to raise blood glucose levels, this could be the reason

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    First of all, ONE reading of 108 does not always mean there is a problem.  If this was a home test, it might have been a testing error.  If the test was done by a doctor, then the doctor should be giving advice on what to do.  

    Do several more fasting tests for a full week and see if the other readings are better.  It is always best to test when you first get up in the morning.  Don't try to fast during the day while being active and then test.   You could get a slightly higher fasting reading if your body has just released some stored glucose because you are being active without eating.  So, even though 8 hours of fasting is usually enough for a "fasting" reading, you need to make sure that was resting hours so that you haven't released stored glucose.  You also need to be sure you don't drink something with carbohydrates during the time you are fasting.One of the first things to do when you are concerned about high glucose levels is to reduce all sources of added sugars in your diet.  This would be especially important if you are drinking sugary drinks or fruit juices.   Just stopping that is often enough to make a big difference.The next thing to understand is that ALL carbohydrates become sugar in the blood.  And simple carbohydrates digest faster causing high sugar spikes.  Just changing a few items in your daily diet can reduce glucose levels.  For example, if you eat white bread - switch to whole grain.  (and eat less bread).  For pasta, switch to whole grain pastas also - and reduce serving sizes.  Limit fruit to two servings per day (and learn what an actual serving size should be for the fruit you are eating.)  Most vegetables are good with just a few exceptions.  Among the common vegetables that are "bad" would be potatoes and peas.  Corn is also something that should be limited.  Any meat that is not breaded, processed, or dipped in sauces has no carbohydrates.  Things like chicken, hamburger, steak, pork chops, fish, and eggs are all no carbohydrate foods and won't raise your glucose levels unless you add a breading or sauce that has carbohydrates.  Just making a few changes to your diet and getting a little exercise would likely do much more than taking a cinnamon capsule each day.

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    May work for 1000 diabetics  and not work for 39,000 others. Cinnamon, while it can help lower some people's glucose, it's not a sure thing for everyone that tries it.

    The only thing YOU can do is try it for a month, up the capsule every week by one, to see if it has any effect on your glucose fasting numbers. 

    But to find out, you need to eat your last meal of the day, around the same time of day, test the same time a day right before breaking your fast (at least 8 to 10 hours), and you are getting enough sleep/rest before testing in the morning. 

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    i would talk to your doctor about it

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