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What do you think about a trumpet teacher who won't accept a student because their horn was made in China?

I even checked with a music store, they only know of one music teacher within 50 miles of here who teaches trumpet.  They only offer in-store lessons for piano / keyboard and guitar.  

The trumpet teacher said he would only accept students who purchased who purchased a quality horn from a reputable store.  He said too many parents would purchase a horn built in China off of Amazon or eBay then send their kids to him when they couldn't play well and it's usually because the horn is a piece of crap and he doesn't have time for students who aren't serious about wanting to play.

Since I was considering the purchase of a Jean Paul TR-330 and Jean Paul is a USA company that outsources it's trumpet manufacturing to a company in China, he said that's still Chinese crap and the answer is "NO!".  The music store said they only rent to schools, churches and special events.  I would have to pay the full purchase price upfront but I could return it within 90 days less a restocking and sterilizing fee.

My plan was to buy something cheaper, see if I could even play then upgrade to something more professional in a couple years.  The guy at one music store told me my mouth and lips weren't right for a trumpet and I should consider something else.  

I wanted something for around $200 to start with because it's unlikely anyone will ever see it but me.


I say I should get what I want and if I can't find a teacher just play on it myself.  It's not like I'm playing in the school band, those years were long ago.  

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    I would think the teacher is an ignorant republican who is blaming China for the coronavirus because Trump said so. Find another teacher, or take up keyboard. 

    Yamaha makes great instruments. I would think you could find a Yamaha trumpet somewhere.

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    Any teacher offering lessons to the general public is entitled to make any conditions he fancies. You can accept the conditions, or not book and pay for his lessons.

    If the conditions seem unacceptable to most potential students, then clearly the teacher will not have a good income, so might have to change the conditions.

    I assume that you live in a 'free' country in which that sort of marketplace is not subject to financial regulation.

    It is indeed unfortunate that there is a lack of choice of trumpet teachers near where you are.

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    The teacher is correct, and I maintain the same policy!! You can find a good quality instrument USED at Reverb.  I have done this many times for students who has some piece of garbage (like the brand of which you speak.)  That JP horn will be unplayable in WEEKS - Decent brands, when used, are better made and more durable. That teacher can help you choose - ask them.

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    I don't know anything about trumpets or about the quality of Chinese-made ones.

    I can understand though a teacher who refuses to take on students who do not have an instrument of reasonable quality. The progress the student makes (or doesn't make) reflects on the teacher, and it must be pretty frustrating to try to teach someone with an instrument that is unplayable.

    Amazon and e-bay are full of guitars and ukuleles that at basically toys. I imagine the same applies to trumpets. It's seems quite reasonable to me that a teacher insists that students have an instrument bought from a reputable source.

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