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What is the survival rate of renal cancer?

I didn't realize that that I had renal cancer until the tumor was the size of a nerf football. I woke up one morning with mild pain that just kept getting worse all day until I finally thought it was bad enough to go to the ER. After I got there an x-ray showed a mass in my kidney. The tumor had thrown off a blood clot that acted like a large kidney stone and that was the cause of the pain.

What is the survival rate?

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    I would speak to your doctor.

    Other than that maybe try I found a lot of use there when I had a different cancer.

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    You can easily find that out for sure from an expert like a doctor

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    The 5-year survival rate of renal cancer is approximately 94% after radical nephrectomy for stage I renal cell carcinoma. Patients with stage II lesions have a lower survival rate of 79%. A tumor limited to the kidney is associated with a better prognosis. The progression-free survival has been found at 3 to 6 months among patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma.

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    That's a really peculiar set of symptoms and time line. That's not how cancer develops or how blood clots act.

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    When the cancer hasn't spread beyond the kidney, surgically removing the affected kidney and lymph nodes provides a reasonable chance of cure. If the tumor has invaded the renal vein and even the vena cava( the large vein that carries blood to the heart) but hasn't spread (metastasized) to distant sites, surgery may still provide a chance for a cure. However, kidney cancer has a tendency to spread early, especially to the lungs.

    When it has spread to distance sites, it has a poor prognosis because it can be cured by radiation, traditional anticancer drugs (chemotherapy),or hormones. Treating the cancer by enhancing the immune system's ability to destroy it causes some tumors to shrink and prolongs survival in some people.

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    It would be appropriate to ask an oncologist

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    Normal life as we can do very well with one kidney.

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    There are a lot of factors that influence an individuals prognosis.

    The best person to ask is your treating oncologist.

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