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Credit score changing so frequently?

Ok so I know credit karma isn’t exactly Bible accurate when it comes to your actual credit score. But I thought that it was aleast somewhere accurate.

Lately I’ve been working really hard on my credit, as I’m 30 years old and trying to prepare for my future. I’ve been paying all my bills before they are due, and even pay double, and sometimes triple the amount due. On credit karma my score has been increasingly going up, to the point that today it said it was around 690 on equifax, and 660 on transunion. So I go to apply for a care credit card to help with my dental bills, and I get declined and they showed my score as being 437. How can this even be possible? That’s a MAAAJOR jump from the work I’ve been putting in and from the numbers reflected on credit karma.

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    bible accurate uh ok then

  • 1 week ago

    That is not a change; it is simply a different score.  Credit Karma uses its own scoring system, which is used nowhere else in the world.

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    1 week ago

    CK has plenty of free education. If only you could read.

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    I'll admit I know little to nothing about credit karma, but I do know that you can go get free copies of your credit report from  (keep an eye out for similar sounding sites.  That's the official one and won't ask for any money unless you're checking more than once a year.)

    The company rejecting you also must tell you specific reasons and give you access to a copy of your report if used.  

    So start with those two places to understand where you're at.

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  • 1 week ago

    Every lender has their own scoring system.

    We don't know what the scoring levels are at Care Credit.

    Nor do we know your experian score.

    And your score is only one factor - what's your income?

  • Anonymous
    1 week ago

    "Your score" according to what? They may use a completely different system.

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