help variable question?

Pete, Seth, and Jason were playing with Pete’s dogs.

 “I bet you I can make this piece of candy last longer in my mouth than you can,” bragged Jason.

 “No way,” said Seth. “I am the king at this!”

“Wait a second here,” Pete jumped in between the boys, trying to calm them down before his mother came downstairs. When his mother came downstairs--it meant trouble. She usually made him clean up his Science Lab, and that was an all day job!

“Look,” said Jason a bit more calmly. “You gave me a lemon lime soda right before we put the candy in our mouths, and I had a few more sips during the contest. You didn’t drink your soda, because you knew it would make the candy dissolve faster. You only drank water.”

“I don’t think that had anything to do with it at all,” said Seth.

That’s when Pete had an idea. He figured that the best way to settle the argument between Jason and Seth, was to do an experiment. That way he could prove that the liquid the boys drank didn’t have anything to do with how fast the candy dissolved, or did it?

Independent variable?

Dependent variable?

Control variable?

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