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for a type 2 diabetic, how low of a blood sugar be to go into a coma?

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  • I’m not saying it is impossible, but unless you are using insulin, it’s highly unlikely your glucose could go so low you’d go into a coma.

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    --  I am a type-2 diabetic and have gone as low as 2.1 and only felt slightly dizzy, but never went into a coma. Fortunately I checked my levels and immediately had some orange juice and toast with jam plus a glucose drink. 10 minutes later my blood levels rose to 4.5 and 10 minutes later it was up to 5.2.

    -- I was in hospital at that time for another reason, and the nurse gave me a glucose drink several time when I went below 4.0.

    -- Every individual reacts differently, so it is hard to determine at what level a person may go into a coma.

    +++  My measurements are what is used in Australia.  I am assuming you are using American standards.

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    Really depends on why it's low. Some might go into a coma if they are ill, and 40 or under (US number), others can be that low for an extended time and not go into a coma. Each diabetic will react differently to a low.

    So a fragile type 2 may have issues under 60, where a diet and exercise controlled type 2, may not even have symptoms until lower than 40. And if the low is medication/insulin induced, it could be brought on fairly quickly, if it falls and keeps falling due to the treatment, if not corrected. 

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