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why is everyone in such a hurry and drive so fast these days? is it just my distorted view of things or is it true?


i can't even drive the speed LIMIT these days with out cars just riding my tail and flying around me like i am some senile or crazy person. why? how long has been this way ? do people just not care about speed limits these days? why?

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    There certainly ARE more vehicles going way WAY over the speed limit, mostly because there are less vehicles on the roads, due to  Covid-19 lockdown, and there's more room to zig-zag between traffic.

    I work nights and drive 30+ miles to work, mostly expressway, to downtown Chicago, and traffic goes 10-15 mph over the limit, whether it's 2AM or Noon. Typically, pre Covid, at 2AM or Noon, most traffic is going 70 in the 55 zone, but traffic was usually pretty thick during the day, except during the "rush" hour, and that prevented most knuckleheads from excessive speeding and weaving in & out of traffic.

    Until the end of May, traffic was super light 24/7 around here. "Rush" hour disappeared and it was like a Sunday morning @ 7AM, all day, every day.

    Traffic has recovered to about 75% of pre Covid-19 levels, and the super- speeders are not staying home, so, be careful, watch your back on the streets, and stay safe.

  • Erik
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    1 month ago

    Maybe they're trying to get somewhere.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I think that minumum police presence and traffic enforcement during the Covid epidemic has led people to believe there are no consequences for breaking every traffic law there is. Even at 10 over the speed limit you'll probably be the slowest car on the road. On numerous occasions I've seen people (all "immigrants", I might add) blow through red lights without even slowing down. I hate it and drive less as a consequence. It's been getting downright dangerous to drive in big cities. 

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