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How to juggle both sports in high school?

I see so many people say that they played more than one sport in high school and ended up playing both in college which is what I want to do but for me it is not seeming possible. I run track and play soccer. Both seasons are at the same time and right after school. I run track for an hour and then play soccer for an hour. I'm missing most of track practice because we spend the first half hour warming up and by the time I get to soccer, we have already done the intense conditioning. If I want to play at the collegiate level I know I must practice more than what I am doing at school, which I do, I practice outside of school too and am also on a club soccer team but I feel like I am not getting enough practice with track so how did everyone else do it?

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    Very few do it in the same season.  Most coaches don't allow it and at least one of them makes you choose.  Multi-sport athletes are almost always different seasons.  I've never heard of track and soccer overlapping.

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    Other people that played multiple sports chose ones with separate seasons. 

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    Obviously its do-able.  The question should be, how bad do you want it. It means sacrificing what you want to do, like hanging with friends, for what you have to do, like study, graduate and a lot of practice.  Hope that helps.

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