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What’s the horizontal force exerted by the wall on rod XY?

First, I calculate the length of ZX and I get 0.288675m. I choose Z as pivot and apply the equation clockwise moment equal to anti-clockwise moment which is  0.288675 x F cos 30 = 75(0.5) and I get 150N for the answer. However, the answer is 130N. Anyone knows how to solve it?


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    Resolving horizontally in the direction XY we have:

    Tcos30 = X....where T is the tension in rod ZY and X is the horizontal force exerted on the rod XY

    Resolving vertically at Y we have:

    Tsin30 = 75

    so, T = 75/sin30 => 150 N

    Hence, X = 150cos30 => 129.9 N

    or, 130 3 s.f.


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