Poll: Do you prefer having a bath or shower? 🛀🚿?

86 Answers

  • 4 days ago

    I like both, but prefer showers because they’re quick and easy to use.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    I prefer to have showers

  • 5 days ago

    I normally shower... bathing is a treat.

  • 5 days ago

    The last time I took a bath was with my girlfriend at my mother's house. We have our own house now. There's a walk-in shower down in the basement. I always use that.

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  • 5 days ago

    As opposed to what, exactly?

  • 6 days ago


  • 6 days ago


  • 7 days ago

    Shower. Baths are alright. But I'd only be bothered if I had company and was too lazy to do it in the shower. 

  • Nicole
    Lv 7
    7 days ago


    its quicker 

  • 7 days ago

    Bath, but I shower every day. 

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