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Horseback riding aficionados: Im afraid of tall horses. What smaller horse can a 140lb person ride or must the horse be big & tall?


I rode a big horse at camp and it scared me to death. Can I ride a pony or does my weight make it bad for the horse and I have to ride a big one

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  • Snezzy
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    You should do well on an appropriate pony or perhaps even a horse up to about 15 or 15.2 hh. You are correct to avoid scary horses until you have more confidence.

    Your best bet might be a Haflinger or some other cob-sized horse.

    But for now, try to find a smaller lesson horse or lesson pony that you can ride. Many riding-lesson outfits keep two or three of those horses just for beginners. Some less-than-reputable places don't have one, and try to pretend that their horses are good for beginners even when they are not. I'll bet that's what came to your camp.

    We do ponies for a camp, and always work to fit the rider to the horse and vice-versa, so that rider and horse are both comfortable.

    The worst situation is to put a beginning rider on a beginning horse. "And for those who have never ridden, we have horses that have never been ridden." (That's part of an old, old joke.)

  • Eva
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    A small pony would not be appropriate due to your height and weight. You don't need anything tall either. A lot depends on your height, but anything 14 hands and over should handle your weight just fine. You might be able to ride something between 13 and 14 hands if you aren't very tall.

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