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How do you play the marching bass drum?

So I know what bass drum I have and when to play but I'm just confused since I am a beginner, how I would know if I should use the left or right if the music sheet doesn't say any thing of what hand I should play on.

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  • GA41
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    Use your dominant hand unless the tempo requires you to use both hands.  Then alternate hands.  Because, the sound of the drum is the same, it does not matter which side you are hitting.  What matters is maintaining the right tempo and beat.

  • 1 month ago

    Musical notation is designed to tell musicians what they need to know, not to teach what they should already know.  Technique is something you learn, and you usually learn faster and better if you have the time and money to take lessons from a master player of the instrument you're studying. 

    This is a question for your private instructor, if you have one.  If not, ask your band director or percussion group coach (if there is one) and/or other players who know what they're doing.  These are people who can *show* you what to do and not just type about it.

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