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why is the U.S. Women's National Team so white? [Soccer]?

For the past three decades, a total of four POC have been on the national team. It's a little suspect if you ask me. There are plenty of dynamite POC soccer players in America, I just find it odd that for thirty years you could only find 22 white women in the entire country who could play professional soccer. Even the USMNT is a little bit more diverse so what's not clicking with the women? 


Oh wow, @D.E.B.S. 8 instead of my mistake of 4. That still proves my point dumbass. It's still majority WHITE. Don't know why you thought you did something by providing the link. USWNT is still White. Read a ******* book ****

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    70% of the WNBA players are POC. Why is that? Surely there must be more white women who can play.

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    In 2019 alone, there were 5 of 23 players who were women of color.  (McDonald, Pugh, Press, Dunn, Franch)  Going a little further back, you have Scurry, Kai, Boxx, and at least several others.

    Given that, I call BS on your entire question.  Where did you get your data from?  Here's where I got mine.  That is just the 2019 team.


    Love getting getting downvoted when facts are stated with sources.  

    --edit2--  (since apparently the asker can't be civil)

    If you read my answer, I stated the limited research I did to prove your question 100% wrong.  You can't throw out number as facts and expect not to be questioned.  If you want to ask why there is such a small percentage, then do that, but don't make things up to make them sound worse than they are.  

    BTW - 5 of 23 players is over 21% of the team.  That technically is over representing based an overall population in the US of about 13%.

  • Not to be contrarian, but the Americans have certainly produced results over the last 30 years going off of their record in major competitions which tells me that whatever they're doing to get players at the elite level seems to be working.  I suppose it starts with grass roots; are women of colour in America flocking to the game (I don't know)?  Are they playing at the university level and are they able to take that next step or two?  What does the makeup of American women in the NWSL look like?  

    The men's development is laughable; incompetent would be polite.  

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    Don’t you know black people don’t play soccer 

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    Since in America there's almost no money in professional soccer, the women's team getting paid even less than the men's team, which defies logic since the women's team is far better than the men's team, but regardless, even the men's team gets paid crap, while the women's team, they'd make more money working at Taco Bell full-time. So all the best female athletes are drawn to other sports that pay better, which is almost every other sport. That makes professional women's soccer a hobbyist sport, and because there is a very real income disparity in the US between whites and POC, that means the people most likely to be able to afford to play soccer professionally are going to be white girls, particularly rich white girls whose income comes from their daddies, because they'd all starve to death trying to survive on the pittance they make from professional soccer. By the way, women's teams worldwide have the same problem-- the color may be different, but it's whatever color women from the most affluent families come from who can afford to play, which is a big reason why women's soccer globally sucks so much and why the US, which doesn't give a sh|t about soccer, is able to have its women's team nevertheless be a top-ranked team, poorer countries not having as big of a pool of affluent female athletes to draw from.

    In fact, every time you see a sport that is predominantly white in America, it's exactly because of income disparity, the fact that to either get good at the sport is particularly expensive, like in equipment costs, access, and so forth (e.g., men's hockey), or because the pro level pays so little (e.g., women's soccer). 

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    I'd hate to tell you.

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