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What constitutes pet abandonment on private property in the state of California?

I've searched Google, but I'm only finding things for livestock and veterinarians. I'm looking after a friend's pets with the promise that they will pay for all of their necessities. However, I have been the one to pay for their necessities and to care for them. I've barely heard from the friend, have only seen them once, and haven't heard anything about paying me for the pets' keep. I love these pets just as much, if not more than they do, have been in their lives since they were adopted, and will gladly keep them for their entire lives, but I'm feeling used at this point. If I'm going to love and care for them then they might as well be mine. It's been nearly two months already. What is the law on this matter? None of the pets are licensed or chipped, only vet records from their alteration surgeries link them to their "owner". Their owner can be pretty petty, as well, which leads me to be careful in asking for the money, for fear that the pets will simply be taken and re-homed with strangers.

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    You'll need to consult a local attorney. Generally, if the owner of the property (in this case, the pets) is known, you have to officially notify them via certified letter and give them opportunity to reclaim and remove their "abandoned" property before you can legally have it or dispose of it. If you think your friend would take them back if you asked for reimbursement for your expenses, she's likely to take them back when notified. If you want to keep them, I suggest telling her that you won't ask her to repay what she owes for their care if she signs their ownership over to you.

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    That would involve neglect more than violence.  Failure to provide food and water, a dry place to sleep.  Those are the basics.

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