I have come up with a theory for Dr. Who?

I don't know if "theory" is the right word. It's more like a re-write. In the mid 60s they came up with the regeneration concept to replace Hartnell who was already an old guy and his health was not good. But as the story of Dr. Who progressed and became far more indepth, I think I have a better explanation for why Dr. Who regenerates. Gallifrey was wiped out, or possibly frozen in a pocket dimension. Dr. Who is the last survivor of the planet (although there are other time lords out there) and but because the body is a holding slot, a time share with the rest of the inhabitants of Gallifrey. That is, when one doctor who dies, a time correction is made and another inhabitant of Gallifrey becomes the last survivor, therefore Dr. Who. 

It's a work in progress and again, I know it's more of a re-write than a theory, as the "regeneration" property of time lords has been explained over and over in the show. 

What do you think? 


Entropy: You have some good points that throw a cog in my re-write. But maybe I didn't explain clearly. Whoever the current Dr.Who is has lived through the same past, so there would be some differences in personality, but the essentially, the same backstory, since the new one would be the last survivor of the Time Lords. But the other Time Lords who have occasionally appeared might be other survivors who aren't part of the time anomaly that makes Dr. Who change. 

It's a little weak I know. 

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    I like the current one better.  Your version has two problems I think.  One is that it means the character is a completely different character from iteration to iteration.  The current version allows some personality quirks to change, but keeps the basic essence of the character consistent and connects the narrative.  It also would make the Doctor's affinity for Earth harder to explain as literal different people are involved.

    Second, your version doesn't really allow for Gallifreyans to appear and influence the show as antagonists or allies.  And throughout the run of Dr. Who they HAVE sometimes been that.  Not the current run so much, but in the old days, they showed up every now and then.

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    The time war happened between the old and the modern series. Hartnells doctor was not the last surviving time lord , rather he was an exile together with a character called Susan who was described as his granddaughter. 

    In the old series Gallifrey is very much around and when the second doctor 'regenerates' it's a punishment by the timelords (and weirdly they met him choose his face). 

    I think for the character it's better to have it be either a part of timelord biology or a function of the tardis influenced by experiences the doctor has had (the first doctor started grumpy and became more and more playfully and then regenerated into a more fundamentally playfull character , throughout the modern series the Doctor works through his war trauma , one actor who played the doctor had played another character before). 


    I find that the doctor is actually more appealing if it's not so clear cut how many regenerations he's had , in the old series the "first" doctor initially seemed to have regenerated before when he said his body was wearing a bit thin, and I'd also get rid of the limits on regenerations. 

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