Hello. So I am considering investing in an “unattended laundromat” (one without employees  around at all times) that would be open 24/7. As an owner/operator, I figure it would be 12~ hours of work per week dedicated to running it. However, if it’s profitable enough i would like to hire a manager to run it on my behalf so I can have even more time. 

The question is, if I hire a manager to run it, can I move to another state? (Obviously if something goes wrong it’s ultimately MY business at stake)... but is this strip done by other investors? How can I make sure the manager is doing their job correctly from afar? Thanks

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  • Jay
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    If you do not want your business trashed and robbed you had best have someone there.

  • 1 month ago

    If you do not hire a manager, then hundreds of strange people ...most of who do not know how to NOT overload a machine or dryer .... will be using equipment that you have invested tens of thousands of dollars for.

    I have seen people try to put solvent in public washing machines.  I have seen them load them up with rags from mechanics ships and printing shops... rags that SHOULD be going to a specialty industrial cleaner.

    They put in too much soap...they put in too much fabric softener...they try to use cleaning liquids that should not be in those machines...

    They put flammable stuff in dryers

    They break into the coin holders or the coin changers if they are mounted on the wall.

    They hack the laundry card 'pre pay ' machines.

    basically is your investment.  If you think you can trust the average run of the mill slacker to treat your machines as if they own them, not trash your place, not steal...then go ahead and just unlock the door from 6am to 8pm and either come in at 5 am to do maintenance or come in at 8pm and do maintenance.

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