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A U-tube of uniform cross section is partly filled with water (density ρW). Another liquid of density ρ that does not mix with water is poured into one side until it stands a distance d above the original water level. The water level rises by a distance l in the other arm (see the figure below). If d=9 cm and l=2 cm, what is the density of the liquid relative to that of water?

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    The pressure at the level of the bottom of the "liquid of density ρ" is the same on both sides of the apparatus.

    pressure = ρgh

    and so on the left side we have

    p = ρ*g*(d+ℓ)

    and on the right side

    p = ρw*g*2ℓ

    equating the two and canceling g we get

    ρ*(d+ℓ) = ρw*2ℓ

    ρ / ρw = 2ℓ / (d+ℓ) = 2*2 / (9+2) = 4/11 = 0.36

    and we call this ratio the specific gravity.

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