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Car dealership add ons?

I want to purchase a bmw I saw at a Toyota dealership. I have read the dealerships reviews and they’re pretty bad. Many customers have claimed that the salesmen will charge them add ons that are required (for Toyota’s). Can they legally charge me for add ons if it’s not their brand here in CA? 

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  • F
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    1 month ago

    Admin fees are the biggest con. Normally £50-150 just to fill in the order form.

    A strange thing is number plates. In a brand new car they charge around £50 even though most auto shops charge £25-30.

    But when you buy a used car, they insist in changing the original plates fur free to have their name on them.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    They can legally charge you for any add-ons that you agree to if you don't read the fine print and specifically get them excluded IN WRITING. My advice is to skip that car and only buy a used BMW from an actual BMW dealership that offers a CPO  warranty. . 

  • 1 month ago

    Work out if its hostile. If it is, you don't have a car anymore, and that's if it doesn't just kill you! Hope you bought car insurance!

    If it's friendly, you will need to establish your relationship. Tranformers are thinking, feeling beings, and you can't own one like you own a car. If it wants to leave, let it go and don't fight, you won't win. You might still be able to claim insurance if you bought it.

    Ok, so it's an Autobot, and he's decided that he needs a local guide to survive on Earth long-term. You need that car you paid for, he needs energy in a world that doesn't recognise his legal agency or maybe even his race's existence. So use your leverages, but work fairly together…

    Work out rights and responsibilities. Car will faithfully complete transport tasks, and protection if that's the sort of place you live. You will keep him clean and well serviced. But what's the dynamic? Is he a slave, a pet, a servant, a dependent, a contractor, a partner?

    Work out what you can do best as a team for maximum profit. Showbiz is a possibility. Work out a fair way to split the earnings, so you can save up for another car, and not be endangered or morally conflicted about exploitation.

    It probably won't last forever. Accidents, Decepticon ambushes, or maybe contact with other Autobots. There's nothing you can do, just be glad you got through the thing safely!

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    They can't legally charge for that **** regardless of the brand. People just fall for their pitch. 

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  • Robert
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    1 month ago

    The can not charge you for anything you do not agree to.  Tell them you want the car, is is for the advertised price.  If you stop to pick it up and there is a different price, simply don't sign anything and tell them the deal is off until it is changed to the deal you agreed to.  They can try to up the price, but they can not make you buy things you don't want and don't agree to.  You must be willing to walk away though and not accept the add ons because you want the car.  

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