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Piercing help?

Just a question about getting ear pierced, I know guns aren't the best for getting any sort of cartilage piercing, and should always opt for a needle instead. 

But are guns okay to get your ear lobe pierced? As does Claire's live up to its bad reviews for getting your ears pierced there? Does anyone have any good reviews for getting a piercing done at Claire's?

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  • Laura
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    1 month ago
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    No, guns are not ok to do any sort of 'piercing' at all.  They don't even technically pierce you, they give you a blunt force trauma wound, not a piercing.  

    Yes, Claire's lives up to its terrible reviews.  I used to work there are got 30 mins of training.  Thats it.  They have no idea what they are doing or why they are doing it, they are part time retail workers, they are not state licensed piercers.  

    Go to a state licensed piercer to get a piercing.  

  • 3 weeks ago

    you need a power drill.

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    Piercing guns are very detrimental. They cause excess trauma to tissue and slam an earring in that does not accommodate swelling, air circulation or the ability to rinse the ears after washing the hair. Piercing guns are not appropriate for any piercing, not even ear lobes. Additionally, Claire’s claiming that any aftercare product can “heal” a piercing (in 3 weeks or at all) is a lie. No aftercare product heals the wound. The BODY heals the wound! No piercing heals in 3 weeks. Minimum healing time for all piercings is around 6 months. Because a piercing is a deep puncture wound that has a 3 stage healing process that happens from the outside moving in. The deep inside part of the piercing takes months to completely heal! Alcohol and peroxide are cytotoxins that cause tissue breakdown that can lead to tissue necrosis. It is never necessary to use a foreign liquid on a piercing, including soap! That will do nothing but irritate the wound. NO FOREIGN LIQUID belongs in a piercing hole! There is a whole explanation about that as well. The last thing, it is the WORST information to tell people to “turn or spin” jewelry in the piercing. When people turn jewelry in the piercing, they are touching the piercing site. That is the number one reason people get infections. Also when people turn jewelry in a piercing, they disrupt the healing taking place.

    Source(s): Owner of Dynamic Piercing & Tattoo in Franktown, CO. 32 years experience piercing. 10 years in the nursing field prior to that.
  • LM440
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    This is a matter of personal choice and opinion.  Going to a professional piercer is always the best idea.  The other option of retail chain piercings have done millions of ears without problems.  Of course some people have had problems, but I must add often issues occur because of neglectful aftercare and removing starter earrings too soon.  You must make the choice considering the skill of the piercer versus the number of gun piercings.  Personally, I know many with gunned earlobes that were trouble free.  I would absolutely see a piercer for anything more complex than a simple earlobe piercing.

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  • 1 month ago

    Getting pierced with a stud gun is a terrible idea for any piercing. 

  • kelvin
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    1 month ago

    never ever go there to have that done

  • Bec
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    1 month ago

    Wasn't done at Claires but had my lobes done with a gun. I wish I'd gone to a piercer and had needles. Both me and my sister got infections (possible with a new piercing of course) and all they did between mine, my sister and my mum's piercings was put new earrings in the gun. No cleaning, no wiping.

    I'm sensitive to metal so choose to wear the studs you get them pierced with (slightly thicker posts) and even now (16 years later), if I wear other earrings for a day, my normal ones are tough to put back in, feel there is a narrower bit inside my earlobe which catches when changing earrings - I do wonder if that is due to the blunt force guns use.

    I was also told by the woman who did it that I have fleshy ears - had I gone to a piercer I MAY have had the option to discuss a longer post to allow for swelling

  • 1 month ago

    So the overall problem with guns in general is that they are puncturing your skin with a sharp, quick solid needle and not actually pushing any skin out, which *can* cause problems for certain people. Also, a lot of times, the "piercer" will put the jewelry on too damn tight and won't accommodate for any swelling that could happen. The earrings they use SHOULD come with a screw stud that you can adjust yourself, and sometimes, they screw the back on way too tight and too close to the lobe. Or, they'll use the clicker posts, which means they have 3-4 groves on the post and the backs lock into place in the grooves. I don't know WHY they click them down to the last post. 

    I believe this is why they get such bad reviews: they are given a 2 hour crash course in piercing, handed the gun, and get to it. They are not taught how to place the jewelry, what to do with lobe thickness, how tight to put on the back, etc. They are on autopilot and do everything the same with every person, which is NOT how it should be done. While I've never had an issue with my lobes (got them done 30 years ago when I was 7 at the mall), if I had the choice and waited, I would have gone to a professional at age 18. I did get my cartilage done when I was 16 with a gun and one cracked and took YEARS to heal. I didn't know any better at that time. Then I became a professional body piercer and saw guns as the devil!!!

    I would base your decision, however, on your lobe thickness. If you have fairly thin lobes and don't plan to stretch/gauge your ears, you can get them done with the gun. If your lobes are thick and big, I would get them done with a needle by a pro at a shop. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I got my ear lobes pierced at walmart with a gun a few years ago and to this day they're still fine. Claires is obviously a much better place to get your ears pierced than walmart so you'll be fine, they have cute starter earrings and i'm pretty sure they give you a free necklace to match the earrings, at least thats what my friend said.. if you're worried about pain put some numbing gel on your ear lobes.. good luck!

  • 1 month ago

    i dont know if guns or needles are better but i got my ear peirced from claires when i was 3 months old and even tho i cant remember my ears are fine and i have no problem

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