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Want to get a pixie cut, parents wont allow it?

I'm a girl and I really want a pixie cut. Not for fashionable reasons, just simply because i'm so lazy and my hair gets in my way, plus I think it  would be easier to manage. My dad is super conservative/traditional and absolutely hates pixie cuts on girls/long hair on guys aswell. I don't know what to do, he is so hard to reason with. My mom also doesn't really like the idea, but I could convince her. Even if I do get a pixie cut, my dad will judge the hell out of me and probably call me a lesbian.. ;-; Help? XD

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    Wow, I have had Pixie cuts since the 1960's. Love them and at age 70 still have them done. Unfortunately some people think that to be a "proper" girl you have t have long hair. Not sure how old you are but when you are old enough you can decide for yourself.

  • If that's what will make you comfortable, do it. Go to the salon by yourself & get it done. Your parents will just have to suck it up!

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    yes i love it! get the haircut

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    Just tell your dad that getting a pixie cut does have the benefit of also cutting down on the number of guys that will be sniffing around looking to defile you. He should appreciate that. Short haircuts on women are called BCCs. Birth Control Cuts. 

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    save your money move out and cut it than

  • See if they will allow you to cut your hair a bit shorter, but not in a pixie cut. Those are traditionally super short hair cuts, they can take a few years to grow out. Tell them you want a more manageable hair style. 

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    Pixie cuts are ugly. Don't do it.

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    Just cut your hair how you want, it's your hair anyways and not theirs. 

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    Not going to work. I highly doubt you will change your dad’s mind. 

    Best you can do is pull it back in a braid or pony tail. Wash it and pull it back. 

    When you are old enough and on your own do as you please. I see that many girls cut their hair once they go off to college. They  are ready for a change and away from home.

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    Do it. 

    As a straight warm-blooded heterosexual man... pixie cuts are HOT!

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