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How to present/do a class writing assignment I absolutely hate/don't think the class will like?

I don't have stage fright. But I'm just worried when I present. When everybody is looking at you, and you're presenting, and no one in class is your friend so no one is willing to smile at you, It's impossible to not worry. Don't get me wrong, I like writing. But it's about your "name". Which is just stupid. How do I present, oh and also, this is going to be even tougher, as I don't know if I will be doing it virtually or in person. I will write down my issues with each below.


The class can't see you, but presenting is way harder since your voice has to be pitch perfect and if the teacher is looking at you, it's impossible. Also, we have to share our screens(google meet presenting) when doing it. And then, When I come back to school, I know no one will care, but I'll feel embarssed since I'll probably look at others and say, I was dumb. Everyone is going to pass except me. **** This Assignment.


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I also hate the assignment, and I don't want to have to share my embarassing "name" with the class. Nor do I want to make a story out of it. HELP!


I'm applied for student council so I don't know if this will affect me.

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    It's an odd assignment but realize that the entire class is in the same position.  They are more worried about their own presentations, most won't be paying a lot of attention to yours.

    About the assignment itself, you mention that you find your name embarrassing.

    That at least gives you something to write and speak about.

    My own actual first name was uncommon when I was growing up.  It made me uncomfortable and a lot of kids made fun of it. To make things worse, my 5 siblings all had far more common names.

    My last name was even worse.  It was German, very long and nobody knew how to pronounce it. I remember new teachers taking attendance on the first day.  Often they get to my name and say something like "oh my god". It was very embarrassing for a child. I often wished that someone at Ellis Island had shortened it as my great grandfather was coming in.

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