How can I make river and garden sets cheap?

I need to make a short film for a class and have shots that include someone underwater in a river and walking around a garden. I cannot afford to rent locations (gardens for 2 hours is over $500) and I don't know of any rivers safe to swim in where I live. Are there any camera tricks or set designs that I can use for under $100?

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  • J
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    1 month ago

    I don’t know much about film making, but why can’t you just use a public garden to film the scene? As long as you don’t destroy the garden, you’d just be a person enjoying a public garden. I’ve never heard of someone renting a garden for $500. In my city, there’s plenty of public parks and gardens. Your school’s campus probably has a garden of some sort.

    As far as the river scene, you say it’s an under water scene. That means you should be able to use almost any natural swimming area. A lake, pond, creek, etc. would be fine. You’re just filming a person underwater. A pool wouldn’t be good because you don’t want the concrete pool bottom and sides to show. But I don’t think someone watching a video would be able to tell the difference between a river and a lake from under the water. If you need some footage from outside the water, you can film another river. It doesn’t have to be the same place the actor went swimming. I’m sure you have lots of special effects and editing tools available to you. Be creative. If you’re not sure, ask your professor or another student for some advice. 

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