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Why the death toll is so high in the US?

Covid19 claimed over 197,000 in America, and we haven't even reached the 2nd wave yet.

Worldwide the death toll is just under 950,000

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    Terry Schiavo's husband refused to allow her parents to take their CHILD home and feed her. The United States Supreme Court upheld Terry Schiavo's husband's "right" to starve Terry Schiavo to death. You watched as a Nation, a fat overfed and RICH Nation, while her MOTHER who gave BIRTH to her, was forced to watch her BABY starve to death. Now, because you are idiots, you can not figure out how you have offended God. Go FIGURE. 

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    Aging problems. Most death are elderly. In addition, following guide by CDC or WHO do help to prevent infections. 

  • Anonymous
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    Look around you. Does the average American look all that healthy to you? Generally, we're a nation of obese and sickly people who are on too many prescription drugs, sedentary, over-vaccinated, and spend too much time in the great indoors exercising our fingers with the remote control and not exercising enough of the rest of our bodies in the great outdoors. Breathe fresh air, don't eat too much crap, stay away from American 'maim'stream pill and surgery pushing medical profiteers in white coats, get some exercise and chances are your immune system can fight off most of what comes along. So maybe that's why many other countries with healthier lifestyles are doing better than we are.

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    The US is a collection of individual states. If South America was viewed as a collection of individual states, its death toll exceeds the US by more than 40,000 and the gap is widening daily.

    If Europe was viewed as a collection of individual states, its death toll exceeds the US by 13,000.

    If Asia was viewed as a collection of individual states, it trails the US at about 167,000, but as deaths only get worse in India, that gap is closing. Africa is also closing the gap.  New cases in the US continue to slow while new cases elsewhere in the world are reaching new highs.

    At just under 203k deaths, the US has 21.2% of the 954k world total. Since September 1st, the US has reported 14,500 deaths. Since September 1st, the world total is 92,800. The US share is 15.6% since September 1st.

    Total US cases of 6.9 million represents 22.5% of the world total of 30.6 million. Since September 1st, the total new cases in the US is about 678,500.  Since September 1st, the world total of new cases is 4,821,000.  The US share is 14%.since September 1st.

    It is clear that the rest of the world is beginning to fare much worse.

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  • 1 month ago

    Because we have the anchor named Trump around our neck, backed by a cadre of stupid science deniers. 

  • thats 15% of the death toll of the h1n1 virus that happened in the Obama term, and nobody hid from that

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The single most contributory factor is trump's ineptitude. From that, grows countless branches that define the trump tree disgracing the dignity of the office.

  • L
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    COVID-19  FACTS:

    U.S. Population = 331,002,651

    COVID-19 cases = 218,515

    COVID-19 deaths = 182,149 and 95% of these ALREADY had medical issues

    This means only 0.94% (less than 1%) of Americans have even contracted the virus.  It also means 99.94% of those survive.  Best of all, only 0.02%, of Americans, have died from this virus - a 99.96% survival rate.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Well, just look who's in the White House.

    A criminal and a traitor

    who doesn't care how many people suffer or die,

    --only cares about his re-election.

  • 1 month ago

    Many had underlying conditions and did not die of covid alone.

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