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why everyone keeps talking about the economy being really bad? is it ? why the stock market is just booming still? more than ever?


if you have money in stocks, you should be more well off than ever now? why or not?

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    The economy was hit hard by government policies on covid prevention. Many industries were closed to lower the spread of the virus, like restaurants and bars. These businesses, with no income, could no longer pay their employees so many people lost their jobs. 

    Things are slowly opening back up so the economy is getting better. 


    Stock market is an indicator of the economic health of traded companies, and while they are vital for the economy [they employee many people], many companies, especially small businesses, are not publicly traded, so the stock market won't reflect their health especially if the government is forcing the ''little man'' to close its doors to prevent the spread of covid. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I'm sure the 10 million Americans on unemployment care so much about the stock market right now.

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    The stock market is an indicator of the wealth of the wealthy.  These days it goes up when unemployment goes up.  Most of us grow no richer when the market goes up. 

    Do YOU have stocks (I mean, not counting your 401k)?  If you woke up tomorrow and learned the Dow Jones Averages were up 2%, would you feel richer?

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    The Left likes to scare people. Climate Change, the economy, voting for Trump, cow farts, white supremacists, it's all designed to scare you into voting Democrat. They love fear. And the children they scare are just pawns in their eyes.

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    Because the economy is not the stock market. The stock market is a bunch of people buying and selling pieces of paper based on what they imagine they will be worth in the future. As long as they keep pretending those pieces of paper will be worth more in the future, the market will go up. Unfortunately those pieces of paper are not really worth anything in reality.

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    1 month ago

    Because the stock market represents the rich people in society (including the middle class) what we have seen so far is more people being pushed into the lower poverty class and having a hard time finding employment.

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