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What is the mean of this words what said ?

I want to play at [Penn State] and then I want to continue playing professionally, whether it's here in the United States or in Europe, ”Castellanos said. “Football is everything to me and it is my only passion. It's what makes me forget everything else, like my problems, and I think it's all I have except my friends and my family

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    Penn State is Pennsylvania State College. It is a state in the east. Football is American Football. Some large colleges and universities have football teams that compete against each other. Castellanos is a family name. 

    It is a teenager speaking, maybe 16 or 17 years old.

    He wants to play football as a student at Penn State college.

    Then he wants to be a professional football player. 


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    You need to ask this question on the Yahoo Answers site that's in your native language and ask that that explanation be provided to you in your native language. That's because from the very bad broken English you used in your question and from the fact that what you've asked to be explained is written in plain English that can't be said any more plainly or simply, it's clear you wouldn't be able to understand any explanation given to you in English. But this is probably falling on deaf ears as I also highly doubt you're able to understand what I'm telling you and why. 

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