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Hey Q-Nuts: Your unhinged, crazy cult has been exposed as a fraud. How does that make you feeeeeeelll???


Q-Nuts are immune to all facts, reason, and reality. LOL!

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    These so called QAnon should be persecuted for putting people's lives at danger, including Trump for backing them.  Putrid maggots make me sick which is why as a republican for 32 years I'll be voting for Joe Biden in November like more and more actual republicans like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mitt Romney are doing.

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    Things do seem to be falling a part with them. 

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    I makes me want to bust a string or two!....It gets epic at 6:26

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    "New Jersey man RUNNING one of the biggest Qanon sites..." 

    Do the Yahoo moderators own the company that employs them? They RUN Yahoo after all.

    If I RAN the Donald Trump campaign website, would that MAKE ME Donald Trump?

    Source(s): This doesnt make him THE Qanon
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