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Do you ever wish you could believe in a god?

Sometimes when I'm depressed, like I am now, I wish I could believe that beyond this world, a benevolent deity cares about me. That this world doesn't even matter because something greater lie ahead. That in this world, that deity is with me, by my side when I'm weak, when I'm low. That I can spill my guts openly without judgement. All my fears, all my insecurities, all my faults, I could just let it out and be told all my strengths, all my worth, all I need to do to be better at life, better at friendships, better at relationships, better at trust. I wish there was someone who knew me who could see more worth in me than I can see for myself, because I can't see any, but maybe that's because there just isn't any. And I have no one I feel like I can talk to, because this world is all about status, I don't care who you are, no one wants to associate with insecure, unconfident, scared people, and it only makes it harder to be anything but when you already feel that way. And then again not feeling like I can talk to anyone is a product of my fears, maybe. I just wish I had someone greater than me tell me I'm unconditionally loved with all my flaws, and I don't have to be scared of being alone.

All I have is myself... All I can do is keep trying, but the older I get, the worse my confidence in myself gets.

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    This world is all about status precisely because ALL people are insecure, unconfident, scared! And no one wants to associate with people who clearly are those things, because they themselves don't want to clearly be those things, to others and especially to themselves. So that is one of the two paths: to try and fit in as well as possible, and as long as possible, with that collective lie. But sooner or later—and it's always sooner rather than later, because life is short—, each and every one fails to fit in any longer, usually in death. That is the rule; so what is the exception? Where is the other path? The other path by its very nature is only for a few: maybe they are more intelligent, more sensitive, better with words and ideas, better at handling reality... For be not mistaken: that you've been able to handle recurring depression, and see your thoughts and feelings and express them so genuinely, that is not a weakness, that is a gift... I know it may surprise you, but all you need is someone like you. Not someone who fits in perfectly but somehow still loves you for what you are; that person does not exist. But someone who understands that, in order to find that deity you yearn for so deep down, all you need to do is BE that deity. And I couldn't write this if I wasn't inspired, moved, by what you wrote and felt. So yes, my answer is yes, of course I do, everyone does, deep down. And yet it's necessary that there's only a few who realise this before they die. All our hardship in life, it's necessary. There could be no divinity if it wasn't for all that. And there must and shall be divinity, you know it. You know what you need to do.

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    If you wish you could then just do it. If you know anything about how the human brain works you'll agree that it follows patterns and habits from the info it accquires. Get in a church and let the group theory work on you. Latlley I've been having this idea that you are worth your actions, as if  "something" (simplly nature or a higher being), gave  this energy and what matters is what you can do it. A depressed person can't do much compared to it self in other frame of mind. It is all about having control of yourself and do what's best for you. You have the power all you need is the tools. That question alone shows that your brain is seeking for a tool, any tool, the goal is to get in the right frame so you can fulfill whatever you want.  

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    Your best bet is to not rely on others cus you will be let down...they could die before you!

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    To me, God is not an option. Was raised in idolatry.

    Cross into christianity in my 20s .. no regrets.

    God is watching me 24/7 round the clock .. yep.

    I dun ustand how ppl find it hard to believe in God.

    I m connected to God when i m awake.

    When i sing hymns, tears just flow but i know it isnt me.

    God does not tolerate sin .. so i become a better person by learning to keep off sin.

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    There's an expression scientists use - equivocal evidence - for times when the evidence seems to contradict each other. The apparently conflicting evidence showing that light is waves and light is particles is an example. Many of us will point to the evidence that makes our world look Godless - natural history and evolution, and the way things are, the way life is. However, there's a fly in the ointment of foolproof atheism, and that's evidence from scientific research of a higher being that is concerned with the lives of individual human beings. You see it in study of the near-death experience, which has been studied since the 1970s, first by collecting anecdotes and then by large-scale studies with statistical evidence. The cardiologist van Lommel, whose NDE study was published in The Lancet, a medical journal whose influence is second only to the New England Journal of Medicine, wrote a book that reviews the studies. 

    Something to consider is that there are non-atheist traditions that caution against asking the gods for favors. The ancient Stoics said that the gods don't need our advice. The Buddhists have always said that what we need is not miracles but enlightenment, which the gods don't give us anymore than they give us skill in playing a musical instrument or math. 

    I've written a lot of mental health answers, with advice from experts, and you're welcome to click on my name and read if you like. You might find something useful.

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    Yes I do and it's a wonderful place.

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    you will find this article very encouraging -

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    Absolutely not. Because I don't want to live in a world like that, I have myself like you said.

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