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Is there meaning or a point to a life without love?

For whatever reason, if no one around you will love you no matter what you do. if you do things they don't like, they will hate you, if you do something good for them, they will just try to use you and take advantage of you. if you love them even if they don't love you, you will just get burnt. Let's say you live in a world filled with this kind of person, so there isn't a choice to get away from them unless you choose to be alone. Is there still meaning in life in this situation? Is there still a point?

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    Sure. Love is like a drug, some people are more dependent on it than others and you can certainly get a great feeling by being in love and having that love reciprocated, but there is still meaning and a point without love and in some cases, since love is like a drug, some people swear off of it for a while after getting hurt or having withdrawal symptoms. Most people want romantic love, the hardest to find and the hardest to hang on to, because it is the most addictive type of love there is.

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    Sounds like someone has hurt you. You're depressed as a result of this. As a result of this depression, you clump everybody into the same mould. But of course, everyone isn't like that, and on different days (mentally) you know that. I have been through the same thing. When I hit really low, I think back (sometimes even this is hard!) and try and remember people who were nice to you, appreciated you and whatever you did for them. There is ALWAYS someone! Remembering this, will help you put this into perspective and will help you reflect on the person that is hurting you now and decide whether you need this type of pain/game plan (that's what they're doing) in your life. You will realise you didn't do 'anything' to them but love/care for them. That they see it as an excuse to play with your feelings is on them - NOT YOU! Move away from this mentality - REALLY FAST!! 

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    I think u r describing a large % of human population

    Love is not everything. One can be blessed / cursed w love.

    Life is not abt love.

    Life is abt attaining a higher self .. developing character in the midst of immorality.

    U cannot live depending on another .. u will be taken advantage of, then destroyed.

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    If "life" is truly ubiquitous, then why does it have to have a point? 

    "Survival" & "procreate" would be the logical "meaning" of life. 

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    love is like a cigarette lighter , you get burnt no natter what , fun part it the sex thou .

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    I’d say love is important. Wether you love yourself or someone else is up to you. But I’d say it’s much more important to love yourself as yourself is the only person that is truly going to be there for you.

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    The Maslow hierarchy of needs specifies the Associative Need as the second strongest need in normal humans.  The first is of course the Physical Need like breathing and eating.  That has to be satisfied before the Associative Need is a motivator to human behavior.

    In other words, normal people need to be around other people to have a normal life.  Association doesn't mean love necessarily; we can like the people we associate with as well.  So we can really fulfill our need to be with other people without loving them.  In which case our point in life, to fulfill the associative need, would have meaning without love.  So, yes, there can be a point to life without love.

    One is a physical need.  And like all the physical needs, it is one of the most important of all the needs.  If your sexual life is lacking, that could detract from your need to associate with others in a non-sexual way.  Which is to say, your point in life could be obsessed with sexual pursuits while ignoring other forms of association.

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    Yes there is.

    You can learn to use hobbies to get by.

    This means going everywhere alone.

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    The most important relationship you can have is with yourself.  If you don't love yourself, treasure yourself, marvel at the amazing soul you are, marvel at everything going on around you right at this instant, not just the self defeating bs going on in your brain....then what type of people do you expect to attract??

  • life can be filled with hobbies

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