should I start buying alcohol at home?

I am 22 and I have a lot of issues with society and growing up and lack of opportunities to meet people and women specifically. I spend a lot of time on my own and sometimes a chat with my mum or people who care really help along with the odd drink to calm me. I work full time and am making progress on my courses and myself but it's very very slow. I never smoke, do drugs, barely even drink socially; because like I just said, I don't get those opportunities in life. I was rejected by society a long time ago for looks and other problems social skills etc. I was always raised to be healthy but be able to make my own choices. It's engrained in me how horrible smoking is (not that i'd even remotely enjoy the experience), a couple of beers or cider every weekend on the other hand.. definitely shouldn't be much of a problem for me to desire.. However.. Could that eventually just turn me into a rejected alcoholic

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